• Hey you,You’re bold. You’re brilliant and you are beautiful. There is no other person like you because YOU, you are your own kind of person. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t. If anything remember this. Be you,Be authentic, Be your favorite kind of person and don’t let anybody take that job

    2021-11-20 by. 《个人随笔》
  • You said that I shouldn’t be trapped under the small patch of sky that I should stand higher and look further, and to see what the world is really like. Now I’m standing on top of the mountain. Wild field, extravagant amount of lights of this starry night. All of the charms and temptations of the entire world are beneath my eyes, but none of them really matters. I still desire you.

    2021-11-14 by. 个人随笔
  • They say you’re too fat. They say you’re too skinny. They say you’re too ugly. They say you’re too pretty. They tell you to do more. They tell you to do less. All these people are trying to tell you how to live, but they don’t take their own advice. So you go out there and be 10 out of 10 that you are

    2021-11-12 by. 《一句话心情》
  • It's hard to get up at six. It's difficult to always to keep calm. It's never an easy task to read books every day. But there are people who can always get up at five, read a book patiently and keep a healthy lifestyle.Do you wanna know their secrets? They don't ask too much, they just task action.

    2021-11-11 by. 《一句话心情》
  • 如果你也脆弱不堪,我便和你分享我的弱点/如果你在故作坚强,我会把你的脆弱拥入怀中/请别让我独自一人啊。

    2021-11-06 by. 《国王排名》
  • 不给喜欢留机会,喜欢的歌听到腻i,喜欢的人得罪到不再联系...

    2021-11-04 by. 《个人随笔》